Bean Export: In order to maintain our high quality standards all of the thousands of tonnes cleaned at Ellingham Grain selected for Skin colour pale creamy skins without staining Large Seed size, for evenly graded product Low Bruchid Infestation Freedom from moulds and disease. We source out raw materials from across the UK in order to get the best quality available. Many are grown locally by our experienced farmers skilled in the production of export quality beans.

Pea Export:

Pea Agronomy, Soil Type. Suited to most soil types but avoid light land. Soils should be well aerated to allow nitrogen fixing bacteria to function.

Slow Later February to late March, at 5cm depth into a well prepared seed bred. Sowing rate Approx. 250kg/ Hectare (100g/acre) followed, if conditions allow by light rolling.

Weed Control: A range of Pre and post emergence chemicals are available.

Pest Control: Peas and Bean weevil control advised in adverse conditions. Pea Moth attacks the crop at flowering, control by spraying according to PGRO warnings.

May be Monitored using pheromone trapes. Control is essential if premiums for human consumption premiums are to be achieved. Aphid may infest after flowering. Downy mildew best controlled with suitable seed treatments for susceptible varieties.

Harvest late July onwards. Avoid cutting below 16% MC to avoid damage to seed.