Commercial Store Keepers.

We have a range of bulk storage options for growers and merchants.

Commercial Grain Storage and Crop Conditioning. Pea and bean cleaning and packing for human consumption, export and pet feeds.

At our TASCC registered, Ellingham site we have a range of storage bins from 20 tonnes to 1300 tonnes and flat stores from 300 tonnes up to 1000 tonnes with integrated drying and cleaning equipment.

Grain Drying, Pre-cleaning, Fine cleaning, Dawning, Packing, Palletising, Outload (To bulk lorry and containers) We also offer analysis of samples for Moisture, Protein, Nitrogen, Screenings and Hagberg on our industry calibrated equipment. We have many years experience in Oilseed rape storage (We were one of the first stores to handle the crop in the seventies) and Malting Barley cleaning and storage.